Your Mouth is

A Rainforest

Your mouth is home to billions and billions of live bacteria, all interrelating with one another in a remarkably diverse ecosystem, rich in biodiversity. In fact, your mouth mimics a rainforest’s level of complexity, with constantly changing environmental conditions affecting all its inhabitants.

Be A Good Game Warden: In any complex habitat, those changing climatic conditions influence which of the various wildlife thrive best. So too in your mouth, where bacterial populations operate similarly, as they engage in a constant hunt for food, and safety from conditions that create stress. Your job, in that context, is to try to be a good game warden and maintain the best possible mix of bacteria that will result in the healthiest possible you. You do that by watching over conditions that can be controlled.

Are You Feeding or Fighting Disease? It has been said that every time you eat or drink, you’re either feeding disease or fighting it. That’s so true. And unfortunately, in your mouth, as in any rainforest, there are times when even a good wildlife habitat can evolve into a somewhat less hospitable environment as a result of your habits. So it’s imperative that you be aware of what those habits may or may not be doing to the overall climate of your mouth. Said another way, ‘climate change’ in your mouth can cause the balanced population mix living there to shift into something that’s less sustainable, less balanced, and far less healthy. 

The best balance of microbial population in your mouth occurs when these 3 conditions are met:

  1. Acidity is neutrally balanced
  2. Aggressive predators are kept from overwhelming the more beneficial population of bacteria living there.
  3. Your mouth is moist and well lubricated 

Mouth/Body Connection: Changes in your mouth affect the rest of your body too – as the microorganisms in your mouth can interact with the rest of the universe of 100 trillion bacteria living within you – influencing your overall health.

Keep Bad Bacteria Boxed In: 

Most of the time the oral-systemic interaction is cooperative. But if a group of harmful oral bacteria gets too large, conditions that were more or less benign can suddenly get aggressively bad. That’s when actively managing a return to bacterial equilibrium becomes even more critically important.

We Want to be Your Discovery Channel: We want to help you on this journey of discovery and understanding. We want to help you to be able to identify what to look for in terms of habits and conditions that affect the health of that internal rainforest that is your mouth. And we want you to be educated enough to be able to protect your mouth from the kinds of ‘climate change’ that will do it harm. If we can help you do that, then we’ve also helped you keep your entire body in good health.