The Un-Dentist


The UN-Dentist Experience is our quick way of letting you know that we get it, and that we are not like anyone else out there that you’ve visited. After all, if we’re being honest, almost no one looks forward to going to the dentist. In fact, almost everybody hates the idea of visiting us and makes jokes about dreading the experience. That’s Ok. We understand, and we are sympathetic as to why most people feel that way, because in many cases, dental offices deserve their poor reputations for the following stressful reasons:

  • It’s usually hard to know what your visit is going to cost you – but it’s often expensive – which is stressful.
  • People talk to you using terms you don’t understand (endodontic, periodontal, PSR, occlusion) – which is also stressful.
  • No one is ever on-time (except you) – which may be the most stressful thing of all.

So, our goal is to change all of that – to introduce you to
science that will keep you healthier
by incorporating the use of probiotic dentistry techniques,
with a model that’s based on prevention, and treatments that embrace bacteriological science,
to help save you the pain of expensive restorative treatments
that make going to the dentist unpleasant in the first place.

So here’s our promise:  We are committed to changing your visit with us into something that actually makes life better for you, by using the most amazing technology and science available today, to deliver the best dental experience you’ve ever had!