Be Biotic:

Our Philosophy

Dentistry Re-Imagined: We are out to do for dentistry what Whole Foods did for the grocery business. Our goal is to help you become a better, healthier you, and we hope to accomplish this in the following way. We aim to combine a blend of cutting-edge science, state-of-the-art equipment and products, and a team that is expert in delivering a full range of health-inducing methodologies and treatments – including traditional dental procedures when necessary – to achieve the result of optimized oral health and fitness for you and your loved ones. Big goal – but one which we fully believe is achievable, in partnership with you.

All the Brushing, Flossing, Mouthwash &Toothpaste in the World Won’t Get You Healthy Without Addressing Your Mouth’s Mix of Bacteria: With 20 billion bacteria sharing the real estate in your mouth, the only way to remain healthy is to try to maintain a positive balance between the numbers of beneficial bacteria versus the number of harmful ones that co-exist with you. So in that sense, Biotic Breath represents a bold new approach to dentistry. Our goal is to help you understand and eliminate the root cause of most dental problems – which is now known to be an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria that exist in your mouth – before damage occurs that is expensive to fix.

Our goal is to empower you on a journey of discovery; to equip you with a better understanding of your microbiome and how it works; and then to make available to you the kinds of tools and treatments that enable you to be abler to exert more ongoing control over your oral ecosystem.

We Don’t Want to Just Drill Holes: We want to help you discover that a properly consistent focus on your oral microbiome (big fancy word) will potentially help you to minimize your future need for the kinds of invasive and costly dental procedures that no one looks forward to – the kinds of things that make going to the dentist a not-so-fun experience.

The Battle for Your Mouth: There are 100 trillion bacteria living within you. And we now know that one of the keys to whole-mouth and whole-body health centers on winning the battle that these bacteria are waging inside your mouth every day. It’s a battle between the groups of good and bad bacteria that comprise the huge microbial population within you. 

Now, everyone knows that to win a competition, one must score, and scoring requires going on offense. Problem is, most of us have gotten used to simply playing defense when it comes to the battle inside our mouths. But the latest science now tells us that winning the battle for your mouth means changing your habits, playing some offense, and introducing the right mix of oral probiotics into your personal ecosystem. It also means sustaining that behavior over time, to assure that you keep on winning. So that’s our goal for you. 

It’s not voodoo – It’s not hype – It’s just solid science: New understandings about probiotics are changing the way medicine is being practiced today. Minimizing the numbers of harmful bacteria in your mouth, and then re-populating it with beneficial bacteria, helps to crowd out the bad guys, and with ongoing maintenance, effectively denies them places to re-inhabit over time.

Exclusive Oral Gas Chromatography: Newly understood science now shows us that your breath is a fantastic analytical tool for determining oral health. By measuring the gases in your breath, we can get a glimpse into what’s going on inside your mouth at the microscopic level – so that’s what we do. By examining your breath’s gas “fingerprints”, we can determine whether you have too many bad bacteria in your mouth. And it’s this non-invasive testing that help us to formulate probiotic strategies that can help keep your mouth, and your whole body, healthier.

Gas Chromatography is the technology that allows us to do this. It’s a fabulous tool that’s typically only used in research hospitals and university lab facilities – but one which we are now using in our dental offices.

In fact, we are currently the only dental office in Colorado that uses this very sophisticated technology to analyze your breath’s components, right down to the parts per billion.

Measuring for the presence and quantity of what are called volatile sulfur compounds in your breath is forensic detective work – just like on an episode of CSI. By looking for these bacterial gas ‘fingerprints’ in your mouth, we are effectively looking for the evidence that certain harmful oral bacteria are present, because only the bad bacteria produce those gasses. Thus, if we find those gasses, we know the harmful bacteria are in there.

It’s also important to understand that these are the same bacteria that cause cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss, while also contributing to other serious systemic issues ‘downstream’ of your mouth. 

And here’s one more thing that you probably didn’t know: the most embarrassing and socially stigmatizing problem that one can have – namely bad breath – is really just those same bacteria releasing those gasses in your mouth as waste products. Therefore, most bad breath is literally just bacterial ‘farts’ in your mouth.

Finally, by examining your breath we also get a hint of potentially bigger issues that might be developing inside your body systemically. All in all, breath analysis is just a great piece of analytical technology, and one which many say will replace blood testing as the go-to diagnostic tool of the future. In fact, it’s already being used to screen for breast cancer, lung cancer, kidney disease, and diabetes at the Mayo Clinic and other prestigious medical facilities around the country.​​​​