Pucker Up and

Say, “YUCK!”

This is Gross: Scientists from the Netherlands now estimate that a kiss can transfer as many as 80 million bacteria into your mouth. Now while that sounds gross and terrifying at the same time – it’s not a reason for you to swear off kissing your loved ones altogether.

Calm Down – There’s Better News85% of the bacteria in a healthy mouth are not harmful to you, and are in fact helpful. The problem occurs when a mouth contains more than that 15% of the bacteria that aren’t so good for you. It’s when that balance gets out-of-balance that conditions for disease and infection result. And that’s when the saliva transferred through kissing becomes a little more concerning. That’s when you can literally kiss someone into a cavity. And it goes without saying that sharing a toothbrush isn’t romantic – it’s just stupid.

And What About Babies: Contrary to what you’ve been told, sharing is not always nice – especially when it comes to infants. Sharing cups, utensils, blowing on food, and yes, even kissing during infancy, (especially during the time of tooth eruption), can spread bad bacteria at a time when a child’s teeth are most vulnerable. In fact, that’s why almost 40% of 2-5 year olds already have cavities, and an astonishing one in ten children under 2 years old experience tooth decay, according to the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry.

Bad bacteria are the culprits in this problem. Being vigilant about keeping them from establishing dominance in your mouth, or by association your child’s mouth, is what probiotic dentistry is all about.

You can’t live in a bubble, and you can’t hide from bacteria, but you can do things that protect yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary bacterial harm. And we can help you become Certified Kissable!