Some Of Your 

Best Friends

Are Germs

Much has been learned from research into the ‘microbiome’ over the last ten years – especially about bacteria in the gut. You can read about it here in a seminal piece from the New York Times.

The latest research has also now taught us that there are many bacteria that keep our mouths healthy too – just like our gut. So let’s talk about ‘germs’ and your oral health.

Let’s Re-Educate Ourselves: First of all, germ is a catch-phrase. It’s a word that refers to all the microorganisms living all around us. Now here’s the important fact to remember – not all ‘germs’ are bad – not even close.

Germs are divided into 4 classes:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Viruses
  • Protozoa

We want to focus on that first class – bacteria

100 trillion bacteria live inside you – both good and bad

  • Bacteria outnumber your human cells
  • Bacteria keep us alive and healthy
  • Bacteria allow us to digest food and absorb nutrients
  • Without their enzymes – we couldn’t survive 

85% of bacteria inside you are good

  • Good bacteria are called probiotics – meaning ‘for life’

Oral health ONLY comes from maintaining bacterial balance

  • Remove, Replace, and Deny
    • Remove the bad bacteria
    • Replace with good bacteria
    • Deny the bad ones the space to return  

BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION: Bacterial Infusion / Hydro-seeding
Remove, Replace and Deny is accomplished in a way that’s similar to maintaining the grass on a stadium’s field. First we remove whatever weeds we find growing there. Then we prepare the field to receive new grass seed, and we spray that seed over the entire surface – kind of like hydro-seeding. Finally, we continue this process over the course of the season – constantly replacing the grass that gets damaged every week by the playing of games.

Your mouth is a very actively used stadium. And because lots of activity goes on there on a regular basis – we need a vigilant and talented grounds crew to maintain a lush crop of weed-free, bacterial grass (good bacteria) on your playing surface.

So, we spray probiotic bacteria all over your mouth – on your tongue, your cheeks, in between your teeth, into the spaces around your gums – in fact, everywhere bad bacteria like to hide and multiply. That helps to crowd out the bad guys and denies them the space to return. 

That’s a fresh look at what probiotic dentistry is all about – and why some of your best friends really are germs