Bleeding Bad

We are not Crazy: You may have a hard time accepting this, and we run the risk of being labeled as crazy conspiracy theorists wearing tin foil hats by telling you this, but here goes anyway.

Everyone wants to feel ‘minty fresh’ – though few could explain what those words really mean from an objective health standpoint. ‘Minty fresh’ is a phrase that describes little more than a sensation – an illusion provided by certain ingredients in toothpaste whose only function is to help you believe that something good just happened. In actual fact, some ‘minty fresh’ products actually contribute to causing more problems than they supposedly cure. In any event, feeling minty fresh certainly doesn’t mean you that have a clean mouth. ​​

But just like a rainforest,

when optimal conditions change, animals will switch their lifestyles, their diets, their behaviors, and their migration patterns – and those changes will affect their reproductive cycles as well. Changes in the conditions in your mouth can result in similarly affected outcomes. And those kinds of changed outcomes are usually not beneficial to you.

Changes in your mouth’s rainforest affects the rest of your body too – as the microorganisms in your mouth interact with the rest of the universe of 100 trillion bacteria living within you and influence your overall health. Most of the time that interaction is beneficial and cooperative. But if a group of harmful bacteria gets too large, conditions that were more or less calm can suddenly get aggressively bad. Managing a return to equilibrium becomes critical in those instances.

We want to help you on this journey of discovery, with information and tactics that will lead you to a better understanding of what you can do each day to protect your internal rainforest’s optimized diversity. It’s our hope that educating yourself in this way will allow you to achieve more systemically positive health outcomes as a result.

We Utilize the Latest Technology in Dentistry

​At Dental Health we utilize the newest dental technologies in order to make your visit to the dentist more convenient and comfortable. There are moderate additional charges for these services that your insurance may or may not cover. Please feel free to discuss the benefits of these technologies with your Dental Health dentist.

Same Day Crowns and Veneers: We use cutting edge technology with restorations, materials and techniques that are rapid and ultra-long lasting. We use state of the art E4D Dentist CAD CAM System.

Intra-Oral Camera: The Intra-Oral camera is a tiny digital camera that looks like a pen and can be easily moved around your mouth. The benefit of the intra-oral camera is that it allows the dentist to see cracks in old silver fillings or fractures in the tooth structure and enamel that could not be seen by the naked eye. It also offers the patient a clear visual of what the dentist finds.

Laser Cavity Detection: We have invested in the latest technology to improve cavity detection. We use a new tool called a DIAGNOdent to detect early breakdown in your mouth. This pen like laser is totally pain free for patients. One of our dentists calls it the Geiger counter for cavities. By catching breakdowns in an early stage, we can prevent them from getting worse. We can stop the cavity and prevent expensive fillings and restorations for you.

Digital Radiography: Advances in digital radiology allow us to X-ray our patients safely and quickly. Because a digital X-ray system requires no film, it reduces patient radiation exposure by 80% and eliminates hazardous chemicals that were required to develop traditional films. Patients simply bite down on digital sensors — instead of film — while computers process the imagery. Within seconds, the digital images are ready for viewing.

Cancer Screening: We also use a device to detect oral cancer called VELscope. The VELscope is non-invasive and uses a bright blue light to emphasize any changes in the mouth that we could not normally see.

Laser Gum Treatments: Laser periodontal treatment can be accomplished painlessly, quickly, and with your cooperation, can be kept in remission.

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We Are Experts at Addressing Dental Anxiety

We recognize that dental anxiety and fear is a reality for many people. It is estimated that as many as 35 million people do not visit the dental office at all because they are too afraid. Having regular check ups is the easiest way to maintain excellent oral hygiene and reduce the need for more invasive treatments. The comfort, relaxation and happiness of the patient is the top priority at our practices. Our patients will be treated in the most compassionate, caring way possible, never inducing another traumatic event into their life in a dental office. Our dentists make use of a wide variety of safe anesthetics and sedation techniques to eliminate pain and reduce anxiety during appointments. For more information and resources, please visit our community page on the topic.

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And here’s one more thing that you probably didn’t know: the most embarrassing and socially stigmatizing problem that one can have – namely bad breath – is really just those same bacteria releasing those gasses in your mouth as waste products. Therefore, most bad breath is literally just bacterial ‘farts’ in your mouth.

Finally, by examining your breath we also get a hint of potentially bigger issues that might be developing inside your body systemically. All in all, breath analysis is just a great piece of analytical technology, and one which many say will replace blood testing as the go-to diagnostic tool of the future. In fact, it’s already being used to screen for breast cancer, lung cancer, kidney disease, and diabetes at the Mayo Clinic and other prestigious medical facilities around the country.​​​​